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W3 D Technologies, The leader in Guidewire Claim Center Online Training, provides intensive real time scenario based training with best online experienced experts. We will enhance the Learners best online experience with our experts by sharing their valuable real time knowledge and tips. We will follow best Industry practices and top quality delivery training that helps learners to achieve their full potential knowledge and skills.

Our Guidewire Claim center Online Training Comprises of Introduction of Fund Intro & Data Model, Creating Entities, Extending Entities, Various Type Lists in Data Model, User Interface Container Architecture, Atomic Widgets, Detail Views, Input sets, List Views in Container, Introduction to User Interface Locations, Pop ups view edit ,Introduction to Guide wire and Open source Programming Language, Business rules, PCF Methods, Enhancements, Arrays, Script Parameters, Entity names in Advanced User Interface, Checking System Permissions, Server side behavior and Client Side behavior. Knowledge on Claim file, Claim center data model, Claim Process, Introduction to intake, Claims processing based on Business and Functional Perspectives, The Claim intake process, Claim Setup Automated process and Validation of New Claim.

We will also Focus on the Basic Introduction of Claim Center, Configuration & Set up, data model, User Interface & rules, importing data in to Claim center, Pre set up rules, Work plan rules, Rules of Segmentation, Exposure and Activity set up, About Validation and its types, Basic Rules of validation, Validation rules in the user interface, Configuring permissions, Claim center Security functionality and Application Permission keys.

Learners will get solid understanding on the latest versions of claim center along with the advanced major components of Claim center application frame work, Claims Adjudication, Financial, First Notice of Loss concepts and Several Claim center inceptions. Our experts will guide Learners in designing need based solutions for implementing Guide wire claim center integration as according to the Industry needs. Our certified experts has good hands on experience in transforming architecture solutions for big organizations with full time implementations and multi expert domain knowledge.

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