VB .NET Online Training

W3 D Technologies, a pioneer in Online Global training with vast experience in delivering highly quality interactive professional training for learners of diversified levels in multiple technologies. We give top priority to Learners satisfaction in acquiring complete knowledge and command in the subject. Our training is designed as according to latest trends and needs in the industry that makes sessions more interesting and practical.

Our VB.Net online training includes complete overview and introduction of Visual basic.net Language, Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming concepts, Language constructs, .Net Frame work architecture, .Net Frame work class library, various components in .Net Frame work, .Net Business Applications Development, Basic functionality of Common Language Runtime (CLR), CLR Architecture and Services, Conditional Statements in VB.Net,  Loops,  Classes in VB.Net, Exception handling Techniques, Multi threading Concepts, About Windows Programming, .Net Desktop application Development, Distributed Application Development in Visual Basic.Net, Events, Fields, Properties, Methods, Delegates handling in VB.Net, Code Managing in  .Net.

Along with the above topics we will also provide Building business applications using VB.net, Designing Windows and Web user interfaces with Visual Basic, Accessing Data with Entity Framework, Coding Business Logic Classes, Applying Polymorphism, Interfaces and Inheritance concepts in Visual Basic.Net, Application of various Data access functions, SQL Server Data Integrations in VB.Net, Query Integrations in to Visual Basic with LINQ, Deploying Visual Basic Applications.

W3 D Technologies will provide customized training to learners along with in detailed concepts on each and every topic regarding VB.Net with real time scenarios by complying high quality standards. Our training schedule is pretty flexible and gives convenience for learner to learn at any time anywhere at his own pace by taking necessary support and guidance from highly qualified experts.  W3 D Technologies training course is well organized and it is easy for learners to follow and understand the concepts with real time application building that helps for their advancement in their career prospects.

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